Moving Forward

The spring and early summer is quite a contrast in so many ways to the busy winter months when classes were ongoing and the events diary was being prepared and becoming quite full.

However, during these surreal months a number of new initiatives have been going on and also a new freedom in creativity, since planning for events, exhibitions and the like have been put on hold.

Like many people I have turned to my art as a source of satisfaction and a way of dealing with the uncertainty of the times we are living through.

I have been working on some new ideas and concepts and will hopefully be putting these on my website soon.

For the past two months I have been running a series of art challenges for some of my students and this has proved to be really successful and a very positive experience for us all.

I have been constantly amazed by their responses and also to the knowledge base that they have displayed based on skills and techniques many of which have been learnt in our classes.

I am hoping to create some visual record of this surreal time in our history to share with everyone soon.

Currently I am learning new skills such as how to make a half decent video so that in the near future I will be offering some online teaching. This is something which I am sure will become an even bigger part of how we learn, going forward.

Here's hoping that events in the art world can eventually become more interactive once again. In the meantime, give yourself the opportunity to be creative, use the quiet times to try new things and enjoy some of the different freedoms that we have been inadvertently given.

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