What's New for 2020

Now that January is definitely in the past, we can look forward to a new season, new experiences and the coming of spring.

February has started with two new six-week courses in the studio and once more I am excited to inspire people with some new ideas to bring to their work.

As always the style is experimental and whilst the two courses are different, one having a 'landscape' focus and the other purely 'abstract' in style, the early part of each is running parallel and encouraging people to try using materials in different ways, producing original outcomes which can then be developed and channelled into their particular course.

We are using a variety of inks and fluid acrylic paints and an element of collage. The landscape course will also have more specific teaching on perspective, negative space and light and shade.

In the meantime, here are a few pieces and some early experiments based on the courses.

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