Something New

As we keep adjusting to the ever changing 'normality' that we are living with I am trying to focus on the 'positive'. It's summer time, we can be outside, we can enjoy what is around us. I am lucky enough to live in a lovely part of the world and am appreciative on a daily basis of that.

I notice the wildlife and the changing landscape even more than usual and take masses of photographs which I hope will inspire some paintings eventually.

With lots of time in the studio I have been experimenting with some new (to me) mixed media techniques which I have finally developed into my first online course. What a learning curve that has been!

Apart from the challenge of working the new techniques into a comprehensive set of learning activities I have been, along with my (also learning) cameraman, creating some video footage which hopefully will inspire an audience, who are also having to gain their inspiration in ways other than face to face classes.

Anyway, I am really excited about the new course and already thinking of how to improve upon it for the next one!

The course is about learning expressive techniques for mixed media painting and hopefully will give people more ideas to add to their practice.

Information about the course is on the website now and anyone who would like to join in please get in touch.

I must say a very big thank you to my family, as always, for their wonderful support with all things technical and in helping to put my work out to a wider audience.

I am just posting a little painting that I did a couple of months back when I was wondering how soon a visit to the coast might be possible.

That will be happening in the near future I hope!

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