We are all hoping that 2022 will bring a flavour of normality back into everyday life. In the creative arts, as with everything else, people are more keen than ever to interact with each other and to share ideas.

Through the winter months I have been hosting very small groups in my studio to make sure there is at least some opportunity for creativity. This will soon be expanding a little and I have ideas for new classes due to commence in the Spring.

I am looking forward to presenting two demonstrations in March: one for the North Cotswold Arts Society and one for the Tewkesbury Art Society. The subject will be developing mixed media processes on the theme of unusual surface textures which will produce interesting results when used with acrylic ink and watercolour.

It will be great to meet new people and to share ideas.

Some great outdoor sketching opportunities presented themselves last summer and I am hoping to build on this aspect of teaching for the summer season, linking sketching with studio practice.

If, like me, you are looking towards creativity to focus your mind and bring a little relaxation and escapism going forward, then there is no better way than to lose yourself in your art. Everyone can do it, and everyone can find joy in self-expression, so give it a go would be my advice.

Happy painting, everyone!

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