This year is racing by! The summer workshops have come and gone, and so successful were they that people booked straight away for the autumn and winter course. As I write there are just a couple of places left.

I am always excited at this time of year to celebrate the fantastic colour palette that we see around us, the rich hues of plants and landscape.

This is the inspiration I will draw on in my next course hoping to inspire students to record and interpret what they see using a range of colour, texture and the freedom of their imagination.

We will be using a range of surface textures including fabrics, papers and gels to create our pieces. Acrylic inks with their vibrancy and fluidity will be the base medium with which we combine all other media.

The first few weeks of the course will be inspired by Autumn and in preparation I have created a few experiments as a starting point. These pieces include a range of inks, matt acrylic gels and fabric scraps.

I hope they inspire you too.

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