Draw the Outdoors

A group of young artists aged between nine and 12 years have just completed three days of Summer School based on drawing the outdoors and creating a sketch book.

Day one was spent in the village of Charlton with cameras and sketch books collecting images to be used in two days of studio work.

The focus of the sketch book was to produce a creative and individual representation using drawing and collage techniques. Working with photocopies and original sketches the students were shown various approaches to making up their pages.

Here are some examples of pages they created. They all did really well and their sketch books reflect their creativity.

Course Feedback

  • I really liked making the sketch book because you can make something of your own.
  • I liked the idea of going round the village taking photos and making sketches.
  • I really liked the range of materials there was to use and the help and support I got from Rita.
  • The photo taking trip was fun.
  • I loved making my own book.