This summer school was a three-day project, this time based on the life and work of artist and architect Hundertwasser, whose work in designing buildings with ecological importance is very relevant today.

The children, again in the eight to fourteen age range looked at the marvellous buildings created by Hundertwasser and his imaginative use of line and colour, never using straight lines to structure his work. Their focus was to produce work in two dimensions and by the end of the course to create a large design panel and a large mixed media collage in the style of Hundertwasser.

The results were a spectacular riot of colour and and design as the children worked to produce their own creative buildings, giving free reign to their imagination and skills of interpretation. They learnt new skills such as how to design a panel using a raised surface design, drawing with twigs and black ink mixed with glue. This was later infilled with coloured inks to fabulous effect.

For the second task the children learnt to use a wide variety of papers, pastels, beads and inks to interpret yet another imaginative design. They learnt a lot about design and colour through the course and about the life of one of our important artists and architects who was never afraid to express himself.