Welcome to a creative new year.

So, we have finally taken down the Christmas decorations and finished the chocolates and now its time to be looking ahead into a new and interesting year.

I already have lots of things booked in and I will be having a busy time both in the studio and at other venues, where I have been invited to run workshops.

In the studio I am starting the year with a course which will explore the amazing and probably less known possibilities of working with Quink ink.

This ink, which has been around for many years and was originally used for writing, has the most interesting range of pigments.

I like to experiment with different materials and when I came across this ink I decided to drop it into water with a pipette, just to see what would happen…..the results were the start, for me, of a new collection of work.

Having sold my original collection I decided to revisit the medium adding in more iridescent and unusual materials to create a different set of results.

I will be sharing some of these new discoveries in my January/February course. The focus will be very experimental and contemporary. Always a good way to discover new possibilities and to loosen up your style.

In February I will be running the first of two workshops at Highbury Church Hall in Cheltenham at the kind invitation of Nicky. This is a revisit and so I am pleased that people enjoyed my previous workshop.

I will be using acrylic inks in a contemporary way enabling people to experiment and explore. This will hopefully be a fun workshop allowing lots of opportunities to develop new ideas.

I think there are just a few places left. For further details take a look at my events diary.

Finally, I will just share with you some of my new experiments using Quink!


Exploring colour and mark making.

In the last of our four weeks looking at Autumn colours and mark making techniques, I gave everyone the same colour palette to experiment with using rather more muted tones than in the previous sessions.

I was quite specific about the ‘application’ of the colour but other than that the discovery process was all theirs.

We came up with some very diverse results. This is a useful way to explore colour and create a reference for future work.

I then gave everyone a five minute ‘mark making’ challenge using the same palette.

The point of this was to encourage spontaneity not to mention have some fun!

Here are a few results.

Update on Autumn Courses

The courses, one of which has now finished, are producing some great work from students. The beginners group are loving the freedom they can experience by using the acrylic inks and are being introduced to a wider and more vibrant colour palette.

The development group have been encouraged to be really adventurous in their approach to using colour and mark making techniques and a few ‘timed’ challenges have really improved their spontaneity and confidence.

Throughout the course I have been encouraging the group to look at the work of contemporary artists who paint the natural world, hoping that by doing so they will move away even more from constraints about ‘rules’ in painting.

Here are a few images from the course, including our ‘working wall’.

Work from our autumn course
Work from our autumn course
The ‘working wall’ from our autumn course


Autumn Courses

New courses for the autumn term are underway now and once again I am inspired by the talent that people bring to the classes.

This term the focus is colour and what better than a palette of Autumn colours.

Inspired by a visit to Batsford Arboretum one group has been working on ideas from their visit using photographs and images to develop their work.  Creating some studies based on that.

They have then been looking at the work of artists to create some Autumnal landscapes in a contemporary style.

Everyone has been exploring the potential of Acrylic inks for expressing the vibrant shades of Autumn and using textural techniques.

As always we are having a great time!

The two pieces below were created using a surface texture on the canvas which includes tissue paper and hessian. Acrylic inks were then used to develop colour and detail.

Work from our autumn course
Work from our autumn course

Happy Summer

So far it has been a great summer, with the weather giving us blue skies and long hot days.

I am taking a break from regular classes and workshops until the Autumn, with just a few exceptions.

However, I am always looking for inspiration and ideas both for my own work and to inspire my students.

I have made a few site visits and am coming up with a plan for some of my more experienced students which will hopefully push their creativity even further. I can’t wait to see the outcomes. More news on that soon.

I have an exhibition of my work coming up from 1st September to 5th November at The Arts Centre in Evesham. This is a lovely space and I have exhibited there before. More details soon.

I have been doing a bit of painting too, inspired by the time of year and also some new ideas I am working on.

Summer Meadow

New Mixed Media Course

It’s the start of a newly creative year in the studio and the first course commenced last week. The focus of this five-week session is creating interesting textural effects mainly using papers, inks and a few other things such as pastels.

We are creating texture using paste to raise surfaces, rollers to apply paint and students are being encouraged to experiment in any way they want to produce effects in their paintings.

We are taking inspiration from mixed media artists such as Mike Bernard and Robert Kushner among others.

I have put a couple of ideas together this week and am hoping to post some of the students ‘work in progress’ in the next few weeks.

The start of a landscape
Floral piece

Upcycled Glass Bottles

The Cheltenham College Christmas Fair is fast approaching and I have created some new glass pieces to take along.

Upcycled fused bottles hand-painted in a pallet wood frame

The fused bottles are all hand painted. The two larger ones have been mounted and then framed using pallet wood which has been given a first class makeover by Richard Buttle.

The smaller pieces I decided to mount on pallet wood panels which I previously sanded and waxed.

I am really pleased with the results.

Textiles and textures

With a new busy season about to commence I am looking forward to offering a brand new workshop in the studio for September.

I am introducing students to the technique of wool felting and combining it with fabrics, embellishments and simple stitching to create some unique pieces.


As part of the workshop, students will be shown a process whereby they take an idea and develop it through the stages required culminating in a piece of textile art.

I specialised initially as a textile artist so it will be fun to revisit some of the skills I learnt then.

A new acrylic ink and mixed media course will also be running for five weeks, commencing in October.

The focus of the course will be creating textures as a base for the inks.

I am really looking forward to this one since I have been inspired by the work of artists I saw at St. Paul de Vence earlier in the summer.

I will also be introducing ‘found’ objects into the mix such as shells and crystals.

Dates and times are now on the website so please get in touch for further information or to book a place.